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In a recent panel discussion from ECW2022 featuring industry experts from Miso Robotics, Ally Robotics, Bobacino, and Graze, autonomous technology and robotics were highlighted as key drivers in modern industry advancements. The panelists, Mike Bell, Mitch Tolson, Darian Ahler, and John Vlay, offered insight into their companies' innovative solutions and how crowdfunding has supported their growth

Robotics and automation are increasingly appealing to crowdfunding investors as they represent a democratization of the capital markets and a shift in labor distribution from human to machine. This has led to a surge in investments in companies like Miso Robotics, which raised more than $50 million through crowdfunding.

One of the industries experiencing a significant labor shortage is the restaurant industry, where Miso Robotics' AI-powered robots are stepping in to take over cooking and food preparation tasks. As these robots become more mainstream, they are increasingly being viewed as a viable solution to the industry's growing labor problem.

Another company making waves in the robotics space is Ally Robotics, which has developed a smart robotic arm designed for a variety of tasks, from assisting roofers with tile installation to manufacturing applications. Ally Robotics has raised more than $5 million through crowdfunding on Republic.

Bobacino, an automated tea pod, leverages the power of automation and robotics to serve bubble tea in a compact, efficient manner. By eliminating the need for traditional brick-and-mortar locations, Bobacino has managed to raise nearly $4 million across two funding rounds.

Graze, on the other hand, is revolutionizing lawn care with its electric autonomous lawnmower designed for large areas like golf courses, athletic fields, and city parks. After raising $15 million through crowdfunding, the company recently launched a Series B to fund further growth.

As technology continues to advance, the adoption of robotics and autonomous solutions across various industries is expected to grow exponentially. Innovations such as high-performance computing clusters, advancements in battery power, and AI-driven solutions are making robotics more accessible and affordable than ever before.

With a projected 3.5 million job deficit in the manufacturing industry alone over the next decade, robotics and automation offer a solution to the labor shortage, helping to fill the gap and increase efficiency.

As these disruptive innovations continue to gain momentum, the future of robotics and autonomous technology appears bright, with endless possibilities and opportunities for growth.


Apr 21, 2023




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