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By: RAD Diversified

RAD Diversified (RADD) is disrupting the real estate industry with its unique approach to residential, commercial, construction, and farmland property. Using its “Diamond Five” approach, RADD is able to secure desirable properties that are overlooked by Wall Street and other competing Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).

The proof is always in the execution. Here, too, RADD shines.

Since launching the RADD REIT to outside investors through Regulation A+ in 2019, RADD has more than doubled its share price. On the heels of continued strong results, it jumped from $10 to $20.86, while at the same time amassing over $100M in real estate assets. In addition, RADD has paid distributions to shareholders along the way.

This combination of significant capital appreciation with income sets RADD apart in the Regulation A+ space.

Not to mention, RADD is just getting started. The real estate innovator recently re-opened its Regulation A+ offering and is offering a chance for those who would like to invest to join an ever-growing waiting list.

RADD offers other opportunities to build wealth, security, and a legacy to leave behind through its American Survivalist Project (ASP) and its Inner Circle Program. ASP is a program designed to give you and your family security and peace of mind. Inner Circle is an opportunity to partner directly with RADD on real estate transactions (though space is strictly limited to ensure a true white glove, red carpet experience).

At the helm of this diverse collection of assets and business units are RADD co-founders Dutch Mendenhall and Amy Vaughn.

Dutch began his real estate career in the back of his mother’s sedan, constantly driving around to real estate appointments. Growing up in a household with two parents struggling with addiction motivated Dutch to venture out on his own at only 16 years old.

Finding success in sports, Dutch parlayed that into a coaching career. Needing extra income, Dutch revisited his real estate roots, securing his first properties in his 20s. Through trial and error, he put the groundwork together for what would eventually become the Diamond Five approach – and proceeded to methodically build his real estate portfolio.

While building his real estate holdings part-time, he met Amy Vaughn. Both Amy and Dutch were successful consultants and headhunters in the sales industry and shared a mutual interest in real estate.

They quickly realized that by combining their knowledge and resources, they could launch a real estate REIT unlike any other – where methodical results could lead to capital appreciation and income.

Today, RADD teams scour the U.S., finding incredible and overlooked real estate deals across the nation. Once a property enters the RADD ecosystem, the company performs any necessary renovations and then either rents the property out for income or sells at a higher, after renovation value price point to lock in gains.

While values have risen in general across the country, RADD believes the best values are yet to come, and invites anyone interested in learning more about the company, how to become a shareholder or join the Inner Circle to visit:



Sep 28, 2022




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