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In the rapidly evolving financial landscape, staying ahead of the curve and making informed decisions is crucial for investors. Investment Week 2023, the premier global event for retail investing and alternative assets, provides an unparalleled platform for high-net-worth individuals, retail investors, and industry leaders to discover, share insights, and connect with the most innovative startups.

Amid financial uncertainties and inflationary pressures, Investment Week 2023 presents a unique opportunity to secure one's financial future by learning about cutting-edge products and gaining insights from the most influential minds in the industry. With exclusive access to an elite network of professionals, attendees can enhance their investment strategies and explore exclusive opportunities.

This year's conference, formerly known as Equity Crowdfunding Week, is tailored for discerning institutional and retail investors, family offices, and forward-thinking individuals seeking innovative investment opportunities. The event caters to those who appreciate the value of face-to-face interactions, offering unparalleled access to high-caliber professionals and industry leaders in a stimulating and engaging environment.

Aptera was one of the main exhibitor's at the 2022 Conference
Aptera was one of the main exhibitor's at the 2022 Conference.

Over three days, Investment Week 2023 will feature content across three stages: The World Stage, The Investor Stage, and The Financial Stage. Attendees can witness thought-provoking keynotes and panel discussions featuring esteemed professionals from companies like, Boxabl, DealMaker, and Dalmore Group. They can also explore innovative investment opportunities by engaging with compelling startup presentations and connecting with entrepreneurs eager to showcase their groundbreaking products and services. Additionally, top financial advisors and strategists will share their secrets to navigating the current financial landscape, providing attendees with the knowledge and tools to optimize their investment portfolios.

To further cater to the diverse interests of its attendees, Investment Week 2023 offers six conference tracks:

  1. Agriculture, Food & Beverage Startups: Explore innovative startups transforming production methods, supply chains, and consumer preferences in the agriculture, food, and beverage sectors.

  2. Blockchain & Web3: Delve into the world of decentralized finance, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technologies that are revolutionizing the financial landscape and creating new investment prospects.

  3. Cleantech & Automation: Uncover the potential of clean technology and automation as key drivers of global change, shaping industries and providing lucrative investment opportunities for environmentally conscious and forward-thinking investors.

  4. The Digital Economy: Navigate the expanding digital economy, including e-commerce, digital marketing, and social media platforms, and investigate emerging trends and technologies that redefine business operations and consumer interactions.

  5. Emerging Markets: Gain insights into the most promising emerging markets and explore the economic, political, and social factors contributing to their growth, as well as the risks and rewards associated with investing in these regions.

  6. Real Estate: Examine the dynamic real estate sector as it responds to global economic shifts, demographic changes, and technological advancements, and investigate the emergence of alternative real estate asset classes.

Arden Lee, CFO of Weedmaps at ECW 2022
Arden Lee, CFO of Weedmaps at ECW 2022

Investment Week 2023 is poised to be the "World Economic Forum of Retail Investing and Alternative Assets," as described by the Dalmore Group. Past speakers have included a diverse array of influential professionals and thought leaders, and this year's lineup promises to be equally impressive.

By attending Investment Week 2023, investors will not only gain access to valuable insights and connections but also position themselves at the forefront of the rapidly changing investment landscape. The future of wealth awaits at this must-attend event, so don't miss the opportunity to secure your place and discover the power of innovative investments, expert insights, and meaningful connections.

Tickets for Investment Week 2023 are available in various categories, including General Admission, VIP, Group Tickets, and Online access. Reserve your spot today and join us in unlocking the potential of tomorrow's investments.


Apr 6, 2023




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