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Words by Lorel Scott, Co-Founder of StartupStarter

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Lennox Matsinde is a technologist, investor and entrepreneur currently based in Seattle, Washington. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of Satoshi’s Index, a FinTech company that exists to educate, innovate and democratize crypto investing for the masses.

In 2011, Lennox migrated to the United States to pursue the American dream by way of a college education. Leaving his family behind in Southern Africa, he set out on a mission to become a conduit of first world resources, to his native homeland. After graduating with a degree in computer science, he spent years in the tech industry, working for various Seattle based fortune 500 companies.

Concurrently, he began a parallel career as a real estate investor, focusing on short-term rentals and value-add small-multifamily properties between the Seattle and Tennessee markets. In 2019 he partnered up with Airbnb and the NAACP to address racial discrimination on the short term rental platform, while providing education to communities of color about different pathways to homeownership.

After living through spiraling inflation and economic collapse in his native Zimbabwe, Lennox learned early on the importance of being in control of one's financial future. This pursuit of financial freedom became the catalyst for another parallel career in the financial markets. In 2017, Lennox began his journey as a day trader in the Forex and Crypto markets. This self-taught skill set evolved and culminated in the 2021 formation of Inyasha Capital, an incubator hedge fund that develops quantitative trading strategies that are powered by machine learning.

An avid proponent of crypto, Lennox co-founded Satoshi’s Index with the intent of creating a frictionless investing experience for retail crypto investors. Crypto has the ability to level the playing field, and creates opportunities for communities that have historically been left out of generational wealth cycles. By lowering the barrier to entry, Lennox and his team hope to onboard more people from underrepresented communities into the Web3 world which is ripe with opportunity. Satoshi’s Index would go on to become the world's first FinTech company to use NFT’s for Software Licensing.

As an extension of his work in the Web3 space, Lennox is also the co-founder of NFT Seattle, the largest NFT conference in the pacific northwest. Their mission is to educate & expose people to the opportunities that Web3 technologies bring to creators, businesses and other communities.

To learn more about Lennox Matsinde and his entrepreneurial journey, follow him on Twitter, Instagramor LinkedIn. You can also visit to get started on your crypto investing journey, or and www.inyashacapital.comto stay up-to-date with his other projects.


Feb 23, 2023




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