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On November 10, 2022, entrepreneurs, issuers, investors, and industry thought leaders from around the globe came together for the Inaugural Equity Crowdfunding Awards Ceremony hosted by StartupStarter. The ECAs are designed to acknowledge the organizations that are transforming industries & shaping society. This year, 19 individuals & companies received awards for their outstanding performance & achievements across multiple industries. While helping move the equity crowdfunding industry forward, these winners portrayed dedication to their craft, changing the world, and the future of this rapidly growing industry.

As Regulation A+ crowdfunding campaigns are on a rise, Dalmore Group is leading the way in the US with over $3.5B+ in active live Reg A+ offerings, over $4B in pending offerings while servicing some of the largest named fractional shares platforms like Rally, Arrived, Otis, HERE, Public, MyRacehorse, RARES, Collectable, Landa, VINT, Commonwealth, SongVest, FINTOR, cityfunds, FranShares, and many others. Having onboarded over 275 Reg A+ clients over the past two years, Dalmore has become the leading BD for Reg A+ issuers.

This year Dalmore Group took home 3 distinguished awards - Self-Hosted BD of the Year, Self-Hosted Technology of the Year & Etan Butler, Chairman, for Industry Leader of the Year. Etan’s experience in the area of innovation and customization of funding programs under new opportunities sanctioned by the SEC and vast understanding of equity crowdfunding makes him one of the biggest thought leaders in the industry - and this shows with the thousands of individuals who voted for him. Etan Butler was asked what winning Industry leader of the year and the industry awards meant to him, “I am honored to be recognized as a leader in such a

thriving, exciting industry. I am even prouder of the incredible Dalmore team that has helped propel us to industry leadership heights. From the very beginning, our team has worked to provide cost-effective ways for businesses to achieve their capital raising objectives and to do so efficiently, effectively and cooperatively. Being recognized validates our work and the commitment of our team. That validation is extraordinarily satisfying.” said Butler.

Speaking of fractional ownership platforms, Rares - The platform known for “Investing in the Culture” of sneakers, was honored as Fractional Platform of the Year. Rares is the brainchild of former Notre Dame standout, retired NFL athlete & founder Gerome Sapp, who has long thought about ways to increase access and empower people to benefit economically based on cultures they create. “As a young company in a relatively new space, this award, voted on by fans, only goes to validate the need for what Rares is creating, which is giving people access to invest in a way that was not possible until recently,” says Sapp. With a goal to increase accessibility, Rares gives the opportunity to invest in highly sought out and highly valued assets tied to cultural significance.

According to Financial Times, Crypto’s future may be divided, not dead. However, this is not stopping Republic Crypto from building the world’s most ambitious web3 venture, supporting the bold builders and investors working to accelerate the growth of web3. We were joined by Republic Crypto Co-founder & Head of Advisory, Bryan Myint as he accepted the Platform of the Year award on behalf of parent company Republic. In 2021, Republic purchased UK-based Seedrs. The combination of the two firms likely makes the newly minted operation the largest securities crowdfunding operation in the world, as published by Crowdfund Insider. As the Industry continues to see exponential growth, we continue to see new platforms taking aim at the market with industry laser focus. Like that of Up & Coming Platform of the Year Award Winner WAX Invest - Reimagining the way we invest in robotics, artificial intelligence & automation startups.

While these industries continue to find resolutions for the future, there’s another area where we are seeing a major paradigm that we are all too familiar with. The future of real estate is under attack with many market uncertainties. The ECAs recognized several companies within equity crowdfunding with bold ambitions and solutions that could change the way we look at property ownership world wide. BOXABL- the company who displayed their foldable homes at Equity Crowdfunding Week and is on a mission to dramatically reduce housing costs, took home the Reg CF Award. “It was a great honor to receive the Reg CF award and get the acknowledgment for the incredible work our team did to enable individual investors to participate in Boxabl’s great success and be part of our journey,” said Founder Galiano Tiramani. While Boxabl aims for more affordable housing, platforms like Real Estate Platform of the Year, Groundfloor, focus on opening up real estate investing for everyone. Real Estate Issuer of the Year, Nuurez - was recognized for their new way to live, invest & stay model & Fintech Issuer of the Year, Zeehaus - for offering a digital platform that makes equity sharing home ownership possible for anyone.

Not only are new technologies re-shaping the foundation of real estate, they are also transforming the healthcare & cleantech industries. “When our patients asked "can we invest in your company?" - I didn't have an answer until last year when we raised through Reg CF. It gives me an immense sense of fulfillment to have earned the trust of our patients. The award has helped paved the way for a series A raise. We have already received many enquiries since winning the award and are confident of raising 50% of series A through Reg CF,” said Sanjai Murali, Founder & CEO at JOGO Health - Tech Company of the Year winner who is using AI & wearable sensors to provide virtual treatments for chronic pain and movement disorders by tapping into the neuroplasticity of the brain. Most Funded Award winner, Aptera Motors, is helping save the planet while disrupting the auto industry of combustible vehicles with its groundbreaking solar vehicle. “It’s wonderful to see the support from our movement behind our mission to advance solar mobility and efficient transportation. It was an honor for Aptera to win the Most Funded Award,” said CEO Chris Anthony. Where efficient transportation is at the heart of managing the Earth’s natural resources for the sake of future generations, you’ll find Aptera Motors. Without acknowledging new innovations like these and that of Reg A+ Award winner, Parallel Flight Technologies - who take the heavy lifting out of the infrastructure industry, save lives, property & the environment while opening new possibilities for the safety of first responders and many other commercial applications - equity crowdfunding may not be as representative of how everyday people invest into innovations shaping the future of our world.

Today, founders look different than they have in past history. Representation of minority classes are important to highlight now more than ever as the percent of underrepresented founder’s is increasing. The narrative also shifts as we celebrate the work that is sometimes overlooked, undervalued or appreciated. The hard work & dedication does not go unnoticed for Founder of Color Award winner Arlan Hamilton at Backstage Capital - who is focused on changing the way venture capital invests in women, people of color & LGBTQ+ to create the biggest opportunity in investment.

The leaders of today continue to work hard to be a light for our emerging leaders with a decade of change ahead. Founder of the Year winners Paul Scanlan, CEO & Jeff Annison, President of Legion M Entertainment are leading the way to revolutionize the movie industry as the first media company in history to be owned by fans while using their skills to build a strong team. Dutch Mendenhall, CEO & Real Estate investor of RAD Diversified took leadership to a whole new level at the ECW2022 Pitch Competition by not only investing double the award amount of $5,000 to the winner, ServiceMob, but also providing all 3 finalists - including CLIP & Vironix Health with $5,000 as well. This is the real power of leadership & investing.

StartupStarter & the ECAs Committee are pleased to announce all the winners for their hard work and making a difference in the equity crowdfunding industry. Here is the full list of all award winners:

Financial Publisher of the Year - Angels + Entrepreneurs Network

Self-Hosted BD of the Year - Dalmore Group

Self-Hosted Technology of the Year - Dalmore Group

Platform of the Year - Republic

Fractional Platform of the Year - Rares

Up & Coming Platform Award - WAX Invest

Real Estate Platform of the Year - Groundfloor

Cleantech ESG Issuer of the Year - Joule Case

Tech Company of the Year - JOGO Health

Real Estate Issuer of the Year - Nuurez

Cannabis Crowdfunding Award - Goldenseed

Fintech Issuer of the Year - Zeehaus

Founder of Color Award - Arlan Hamilton

Female Founder of the year - Stephanie Golik

Reg CF Award - Boxabl

Most Funded Award - Aptera Motors

Industry Leader of the Year - Etan Butler

Founder of the Year - Paul Scanlan & Jeff Annison


Dec 6, 2022




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