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In the buzzing heart of a 2016 crypto conference, I felt an electrifying energy I hadn't sensed since my punk rock days at CBGB's. An atmosphere dense with rebellion, disruption, and even passion. In that space, my credentials from a lifetime in music - a world where age might be seen as a limitation - became an advantage in the Web3 realm. What I brought was more than experience. I offered wisdom to a new generation of pioneers, and an attitude that asked, "How can I serve?" At Provenonce Professional, my team and I saw a problem. Websites, though crucial to our digital lives, had grown static, stuck in their decades-old design paradigms. The world needed more than just a site to click and buy; they craved immersive experiences. This realization gave birth to our mission. We transformed mundane online spaces into breathtakingly beautiful realms, where engagement wasn’t just a metric but a heartfelt experience. As someone who’s been shaped by both the highs of success and the depths of failure, I realized the significance of patience in the fast-paced world of Web3. Everyone's in a race to innovate, but perhaps there's wisdom in slowing down to construct lasting legacies. We shouldn't be merely reducing entry barriers but reinventing them, making the leap into the Metaverse, VR, or AR as effortless as the next heartbeat.

But innovation isn’t just about products; it's about people. My years have taught me that honesty, arriving authentically in a business conversation, can illuminate paths that charts and graphs might miss. This open-hearted approach, inspired by Ray Dalio, empowers individuals, allowing the brilliance of their ideas to shine ever brighter. I’m often called a bridge, connecting entities that might never have met, catalyzing quantum experiences. Think of the synergy of The Beatles. Together, they changed music. Similarly, my strength lies in uniting disparate elements, creating harmony where once there was none. In all this talk of tech and transformation, it's easy to forget the human touch. However, the real game-changers aren’t those seeking mere riches. Instead, they're visionaries who aim to "delight & surprise" users. Flip the narrative. Start with the heart. How can you make someone’s day better, brighter, more meaningful? So, as we stand on the cusp of a future where technology intertwines more deeply with our everyday lives, remember this: Empires might rise and fall, technology might evolve at the speed of thought, but virtues like integrity, humility, and love remain timeless. For those seeking the melody behind the innovation or just some advice, remember – my door, or rather my inbox, is always open. Here's to the future. A future we'll craft together. Reach out:


Sep 20, 2023




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