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By Brian Mac Mahon, CEO of Expert Dojo

In the last 30 years, The United States went from having merely a handful of unicorns to over 1,300 global unicorns. At the same time, companies throughout the world saw an increase in their valuations. This increase in access to money fueled the growth of thousands of Venture Capitalists around the world eager to find the next great unicorn that would value at $100 billion, to $1 trillion then to $10 trillion. Although this was one of the most exciting times of innovation, it was not accessible to everyone. In fact, only founders with privileged backgrounds and those with inside connections have had access to funds required to create a company that would become a billion dollar company.

For many creators throughout the world, this lack of access has closed doors for many phenomenal founders who could only wish to be able to show the world their great inventions. Not only is this a travesty for incredible innovators, but also an extremely dangerous time period for the countries in which they reside, including the United States. By focusing only on building unicorns from sources that are trusted by Venture Capitalists, the innovation standards in these countries will continue to drop as well as their technological capacities. Unless we find a different path, this unequal playing field will live on.

Expert DOJO is an early accelerator based in Southern California that has sprung to prominence over the last three years, growing from zero investments to over 200 investments. The company started with initial investment checks of up to $100K, followed by $1M with a 3-4 year period to help fuel growth. One of the areas that Expert DOJO pride itself in is their focus on growth as a differentiator. Their belief has always been that the abundance of money through an extremely centralized Venture Capital system hurts innovation and essentially, deserving startups. Expert DOJO have been dedicated to searching for the greatest founders on the planet and showing those founders how to build the greatest companies through phenomenal growth techniques.

If timing with any vision is important, then the current market timing couldn’t be more relevant to Expert DOJO’s vision of democratizing the entire Venture Capital space. Expert DOJO gives access to startups to be able to build the best companies on earth without them having to worry about unfair competition through excessive funding to their competitors.

Crowdfunding has been a huge game changer for non accredited investors who had previously been discriminated against as investors in the same way that unconnected startups had been discriminated against as entrepreneurs. This evening of the playing field has become stronger over the years with crowdfunding platforms like WeFunder, StartEngine, Republic and SeedInvest, having invested in thousands upon thousands of startups and raising hundreds of millions of dollars to help these companies grow. Expert DOJO is united with the crowdfunding ecosystem as it also believes that decentralization is the only way forward for the venture capital space. Only by decentralizing venture capitalism, can we truly focus on the greatness of entrepreneurship. Equity crowdfunding through these platforms also believes in the same principle as improving and increasing the proportion of investors throughout the world. Expert DOJO will continue to fly the flag of nondiscrimination as only the best founders make it through to promote this phenomenal industry of equity crowdfunding.


Jan 12, 2023




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