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In the vast landscape of corporate agencies, where profit margins often overshadow human connections, Alyson Campbell dared to dream differently. Her journey began in the bustling world of large agencies, where she witnessed both personnel and clients languishing in the pursuit of bottomline-centric business structures. It was this realization that fueled Alyson's resolve to resurrect the essence of business—the heart and soul.

In 2015, she broke free from the conventional corporate mold and founded Heart & Soul PR, Inc. Her mission? To reinfuse humanity into the business, to prioritize people over profits, and to create a haven for like-minded individuals across diverse industries.

The genesis of Heart & Soul PR was rooted in a commitment to champion people. In traditional agencies, clients were often prioritized based on budget spend rather than their fundamental business needs. Alyson recognized the need for a seismic shift, where clients were at the center, and business strategies were tailored to their unique objectives.

What sets Heart & Soul PR apart is its independence and results-oriented approach. Unlike the one-size-fits-all model prevalent in the industry, Alyson and her team meticulously craft custom programs, collaborating with clients to ensure their needs are met. It's a hands-on approach, where some clients, not yet ready for the limelight, receive guidance on business strategy, website development, branding, and more.

Yet, every entrepreneurial tale comes with its challenges. Alyson faced her greatest hurdle—funding. Opting against traditional capital, she took a bold step and secured a business loan. In the nascent stages, she was a solopreneur, bootstrapping her way through client work. Over time, determination paid off, the loan was cleared, and the business scaled, enabling the onboarding of a team to take on more significant clients.

Central to Heart & Soul PR is a company culture fostering innovation, collaboration, and growth. Alyson prides herself on selecting team members and clients who share these values, and she has been known to walk away from opportunities where these principles weren't prioritized.

The milestones achieved speak volumes—starting as an independent company to now servicing international, well-recognized brands. The focus on delivering tangible results remains unwavering, evident in long-term client engagements and contract renewals at scale. Short-term goals involve sustained growth and expanded programs, while the long-term vision envisions Heart & Soul PR as an Inc. 5000 winner with enduring client relationships.

Alyson, a thought leader in her industry, anticipates the evolution of AI in PR and the continued dominance of the PESO model—Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned Media. The dynamic landscape of social media platforms, including emerging players like TikTok, is closely monitored. Heart & Soul PR's early adoption of trends ensures they remain ahead of the curve, offering clients tailored solutions that align with evolving business landscapes.

Alyson Campbell
Alyson Campbell

When considering alternative financing, Alyson views equity crowdfunding with cautious optimism. While acknowledging its potential to aid founders who struggle with traditional funding routes, she emphasizes the need for careful consideration of the long-term implications.

For prospective investors, Alyson seeks partners who understand the unique rhythm of PR—the longer sales cycles and the cyclical nature of the industry. Beyond financial support, she values investors who share her commitment to long-term growth and can provide valuable business referrals.

Her advice to budding entrepreneurs echoes her journey—ask questions, seek help, and surround yourself with a network of advocates. Alyson emphasizes resilience, urging founders not to be deterred by initial rejections, as the right opportunities will come. As for reaching out to Alyson, her door is open at Connect with her on Instagram (@musictochangetheworldnow), Twitter (@alysonheartsoul), or through her LinkedIn profile. Follow Heart & Soul PR, Inc. on Instagram (@heartandsoulpr) and LinkedIn.


Nov 25, 2023




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