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In the heart of technological innovation and musical fervor, Lincoln Manning, a multifaceted CEO and tech virtuoso, orchestrated a symphony of ideas that gave birth to Lincoln's journey, seamlessly blending his expertise in web applications with an unbridled passion for music, is nothing short of a crescendo, leading to the creation of a platform set to transform the way DJs and audiences interact.

The genesis of traces back to Lincoln's experiences, where he found himself combining his technological acumen with his love for music at nightclubs, weddings, and events. A pivotal moment etched in memory was when he asked a DJ to play a song, and almost instantly, the music filled the air, creating an unforgettable connection. This poignant experience became the driving force behind

Lincoln's inspiration stemmed not only from his love for music but also from the desire to address the under-appreciation and underpayment of DJs. emerged as a visionary solution, aiming to bridge the gap between DJs and their audiences while leveraging technology to enhance the overall music-sharing experience.

What sets apart is its dual-focused approach. Unlike competitors solely aiding DJs, Lincoln's platform ensures a dynamic communication pathway between DJs and audiences. The innovation lies in empowering audiences to actively participate by voting for their preferred songs, creating an engaging musical journey. Simultaneously, DJs gain instant access to crucial information like BPM, energy level, and key, addressing longstanding challenges in their craft. strikes a harmonious balance, ensuring both DJs and audiences mutually benefit from an enriched and collaborative musical environment.

Every entrepreneurial venture encounters challenges, and was no exception. A significant hurdle involved adapting to FCC crackdowns on text messages, a vital part of real-time DJ notifications. Lincoln's strategic decision to shift to another platform, despite inconveniences, demonstrated resilience in the face of adversity and ensured the platform's continued functionality.

Fostering a vibrant company culture, Lincoln actively engages with DJs, personally responding to emails and promptly deploying features they request. Regular Zoom calls, inclusive of DJs at all experience levels, provide a forum for open dialogue and idea-sharing. This direct interaction establishes a dynamic, exciting atmosphere that encourages ongoing collaboration and innovation. has achieved significant milestones, boasting over 6,000 DJs and hosting 90,000 unique visitors who made song requests in the last quarter. Looking forward, the platform aims to develop tools for advanced audience engagement, expand event and streaming features, and introduce innovative tools for artist promotion.

As a thought leader, Lincoln anticipates shifts in the music industry, especially among the younger demographic craving personalization and connection. stands ready to address these shifts, serving as a bridge between artists and audiences with tools for seamless management during performances.

On the topic of financing, Lincoln remains open to various avenues, emphasizing the importance of problem-solving over fundraising. He seeks investors who bring diverse perspectives and networks, contributing valuable insights and connections beyond financial support.

To budding founders, Lincoln advises immediate action and building a core customer base that loves the product. While capital is crucial, he emphasizes the significance of constructing a robust business foundation and hiring expertise in fundraising.

As the symphony of continues to resonate, Lincoln invites those interested to connect at, heralding a future where technology and music harmonize in perfect unison.


Nov 25, 2023




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