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In the labyrinth of investment, I found my purpose. As the founder of BIG (Business Inside the Game), my journey began with a burning desire to solve a pervasive issue — the lack of representation for minority investors in the world of entrepreneurship.

In the beginning, I questioned the status quo, navigating a landscape where people like me were seldom seen. My path, strewn with skepticism and doubters, led me to create BIG. It was not just a company; it was a solution, a bridge between the underrepresented and the opportunities they deserved.

The genesis of this venture was rooted in a profound need to address the scarcity of deal flow access for minority investors. It wasn't just a market gap; it was an injustice waiting to be corrected. The traditional channels were exclusive, favoring the familiar faces while sidelining the wealth of potential within minority communities.

To tackle this problem, BIG emerged as an all-encompassing private network, a sanctuary for content and conversations revolving around the next generation of great entrepreneurs. It was a bold step into uncharted territory, aiming to dismantle barriers and foster an inclusive space where diversity thrived.

In a world saturated with competitors, BIG stands out by offering more than just a platform. It's a movement, a catalyst for change in an industry that desperately needed a shake-up. The all-in-one approach of BIG creates a unique synergy, a cohesive ecosystem where ideas flow seamlessly, and opportunities find their rightful owners.

Building this venture came with its share of challenges, one of the most prominent being the skepticism surrounding a black athlete entering the realm of investors. Convincing people to believe in my vision was a hurdle, but it was one I scaled with determination and resilience. BIG was not just my dream; it was a collective dream of everyone who believed in breaking stereotypes.

Cultivating a company culture that thrives on innovation, collaboration, and growth was pivotal. YES became the mantra within BIG, fostering an environment where every idea was not just heard but embraced. The culture was not just about breaking barriers; it was about rewriting the narrative and creating a legacy of inclusivity.

Our journey has seen significant milestones — the aggregation of the best deals being one of them. However, this is just the beginning. The short-term goal is to solidify our position as the go-to platform for minority investors, creating a community that resonates with the ethos of BIG. The long-term vision is to redefine the landscape, seeing more investors of color and minorities actively shaping the future.

As a thought leader in this space, I foresee a welcome shift in the coming years — a surge in investors of color and a more diverse playing field. BIG is poised perfectly to capitalize on these trends, being at the forefront of this revolution, creating opportunities where none existed before.

Equity crowdfunding and alternative financing methods are avenues I am open to exploring. It's not just about raising capital; it's about democratizing the process, allowing everyone, irrespective of their background, to be part of the change.

The ideal investor for BIG is someone who understands the journey — an angel, an athlete, a family office looking beyond just financial gains. I seek partners who bring not only capital but a shared vision, a commitment to rewriting the narrative and fostering diversity.

To fellow founders, especially those embarking on the challenging journey of raising capital, my advice is simple: Start small. Every monumental journey begins with a single step, and it's in those initial strides that the foundation for greatness is laid. Embrace the challenges, learn from them, and let them fuel your ascent.

Baron Davis, the founder of BIG, isn't just changing the game; he's rewriting the rulebook. In a world hungry for change, BIG isn't just a company; it's a movement, a testament to the power of belief and the impact of breaking barriers.


Nov 25, 2023




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