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Words by Danny Cortenraede, Founder of Instudio Ventures

As a seasoned investor and thought leader, I've dedicated my career to spotting the next big thing in the sports and media sectors. I believe in a holistic investment approach, focusing not just on financial metrics but also on the teams behind the startups and their adaptability to market trends. From early-stage investments to strategic exits, my insights are shaped by a rich tapestry of experiences, including my Executive MBA at Harvard. I'm passionate about mentoring tomorrow's industry leaders and making an impact far beyond the financials. This article will share some of the key lessons I've learned along this exciting journey.

Background: The Genesis of My Journey

Coming from an entrepreneurial family, my initial exposure to the business world was less conventional than most. Dinner table conversations were rife with discussions about innovation, risk-taking, and investment opportunities. This informal education laid the foundation for my eventual foray into the investment space, teaching me that investing isn't solely a numbers game; it's about vision, passion, and a deep understanding of market dynamics and human behavior.

Building Skills: Corporate Training Grounds

Before dedicating myself to Sports & Media investing, I spent a significant period working in the corporate environment at companies like Vodafone, Sony, and T-Mobile. This corporate stint acted as a structured, rigorous classroom, helping me develop decision-making skills, financial acuity, and strategic thought processes—tools that I continue to use in my current role as an investor and thought leader.

The Entrepreneurial Leap

The transition from an employee to an entrepreneur was transformational. I founded several startups, including Enterprise Media and Wannahaves, which allowed me to understand the highs and lows, risks and rewards, and the relentless drive required to build something from scratch. I learned to appreciate the human factor in startups—the element of adaptability, resilience, and team cohesion that plays a vital role in the startup's success.

Global Expansion: Broadening the Horizon

Scaling my ventures in New York and Los Angeles was an eye-opener in understanding diverse market dynamics, consumer behavior, and business cultures. This global exposure enriched my investment portfolio, enabled me to offer my startups access to networks in different regions, and endowed me with a multi-faceted approach to investing.

The Multifaceted Approach to Investing

Investment is an art and science that requires a harmonious balance between financial acumen, human psychology, and foresight. Here's how I go about it:

Criteria for Startup Evaluation

  • Team Cohesion: A startup is only as strong as its team. I look for passion, commitment, and a proven ability to adapt and learn.

  • Market Opportunity: The startup should be in a market with significant growth potential, thereby allowing room for errors and pivots.

  • Unique Value Proposition: The startup must offer something distinct, solving a tangible problem or filling a gap in the marketplace.

  • Business Model: I pay attention to the sustainability and scalability of the startup's revenue model and pricing strategy.

  • Traction and Milestones: Proof of concept through user adoption, revenue growth, or partnerships often acts as the seal of viability for a potential investment.

Keeping Up with Industry Trends

Continuous Learning: A dedicated regimen of industry reading, and the insights from my accelerated Executive MBA at Harvard, keeps me abreast of evolving trends.

Networking: Regular interactions with entrepreneurs, athletes, and executives in Sports & Media offer invaluable, real-time insights.

Advisory Boards and Accelerators: Involvement in these gives me early access to promising startups and insights into emerging technologies.

Success Stories: The Pogr Case

One of the investments that underline my approach is Pogr, an e-sports and gaming startup. Here's how it stood out:

  • Early Entry: Investing early enabled us to secure a significant stake at a favorable valuation.

  • Domain Expertise: An in-depth understanding of the market trends in e-sports and gaming helped identify Pogr as a lucrative opportunity.

  • Strategic Guidance and Networking: Beyond financial support, we connected Pogr with mentors, potential partners, and facilitated additional funding rounds for rapid scaling.

  • Exit Strategy: Our foresight in planning a clear exit strategy led to a successful exit, with an 8x valuation in a Series A that's about to close.

Beyond Financial Support: The Value of Thought Leadership

  • Mentorship and Advisory Role: I provide startups with actionable guidance, strategic advice, and often serve as a sounding board for CEOs and founders.

  • Strategic Planning: I assist in setting goals and mapping out scalable growth strategies.

  • Networking: My broad network serves as a goldmine for startups looking for potential partnerships, talent acquisition, or additional funding.

Misconceptions and Challenges Entrepreneurs Face

Entrepreneurs often confront myths about the investment process. My thought leadership can demystify misconceptions like "investment is a one-time event," or "funding is the only challenge," and guide startups through challenges like valuation disputes and legal complexities.

The Visionary Traits in Entrepreneurs

When evaluating startups, I often look for vision, adaptability, resilience, leadership skills, and a robust understanding of the market landscape. These traits usually indicate a high potential for long-term success.

Future Horizons and Emerging Opportunities

I envision a dynamic future where sports, media, and technology converge to shape a new age of fan engagement, content distribution, and global outreach. Trends like e-sports, OTT media, sports analytics, VR, AR, and direct-to-consumer models are rich with investment opportunities. Through my thought leadership, I aim to guide the next generation of startups in navigating this exciting landscape.

Advice for Entrepreneurs and Fellow Investors

For entrepreneurs, clarity in vision, a strong team, market understanding, investor readiness, and resilience are key. For fellow investors, portfolio diversification, continuous learning, a strong network, comprehensive due diligence, and risk management are essential in today's rapidly evolving markets.

A Vision for the Future

As the worlds of sports, media, and technology continue to converge, my mission is to be at the nexus, guiding and investing in the next generation of startups that will define this landscape. Through my active thought leadership—which includes engaging with industry experts, participating in forums, and constantly updating my knowledge base—I aim to shape a dynamic and responsible future for the Sports & Media industry.

Investing is a complex, multifaceted endeavor that goes far beyond financial transactions. It involves understanding market trends, human psychology, and even oneself. As I continue to navigate this thrilling landscape, my goal is to not only unearth hidden gems but also to share the insights and lessons I’ve learned along the way. Because the true value of investment, much like life, lies not just in the destination but in the journey itself.

To continue the conversation and delve deeper into the future of Sports & Media investments, you can reach me on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and my official website.


Sep 22, 2023




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