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In a world marked by constant change and innovation, it takes a visionary thought leader to steer industries toward a bold and empowering future. Meet Epi Ludvik, the dynamic Founder & CEO of the BOLD Awards, a revolutionary platform recognizing the power of crowdsourcing and shaping a new paradigm for business success. Epi's journey from a curious entrepreneur to a transformational leader is a testament to the power of tenacity, intuition, and an unwavering commitment to making the impossible possible.

Epi's foray into the realm of crowdsourcing began with a simple yet profound realization—the immense potential of collective intelligence. This inspiration led him to establish the Crowdsourcing Week, where he curated platforms for people to collaborate, share knowledge, and generate innovative solutions to real-world problems. Epi's vision expanded, giving birth to the BOLD Awards—an initiative to recognize and celebrate the extraordinary achievements of those harnessing the power of crowdsourcing to drive positive change.

Epi Ludvik, Founder of the BOLD Awards
Epi Ludvik, Founder of the BOLD Awards

At the heart of the BOLD Awards lies a compelling mission: to encourage everyone to be bold and embrace their power. Epi recognized the pressing need for recognition in the modern workplace, where employees face myriad challenges and uncertainties. Through the BOLD Awards, Epi seeks to foster a culture of recognition, empowering individuals and teams to face the hurdles and complexities of our times with confidence.

What sets the BOLD Awards apart is Epi's unwavering belief in the transformative power of crowdsourcing. As a thought leader in the industry, he foresees a future where crowdsourcing is strategically embraced by businesses of all sizes. He envisions tech giants leveraging crowdsourcing to drive innovation, solve complex problems, and engage with their communities on a deeper level. Through the BOLD Awards, Epi aspires to educate and bring the power of crowdsourcing mainstream, unlocking immense potential for SMEs and empowering them to thrive in the digital era.

The journey of building the BOLD Awards, like any entrepreneurial venture, was not without challenges. Epi encountered obstacles and moments of doubt. However, his unyielding focus on the bigger picture and his unwavering commitment to his vision guided him through the darkest times. When faced with uncertainty, Epi's mantra was to never stop at the word "no." Instead, he turned the "nos" into stepping stones, learning valuable lessons from each one.

Epi's leadership style is characterized by genuine and ethical practices. He believes that business is fundamentally about people—the People-to-People (P2P) connections that build trust and lasting relationships. By embodying the qualities of humility, continuous learning, and thinking big, Epi fosters a culture of creativity and innovation within his team.

To stay ahead of industry trends, Epi follows and listens to the right people—those who focus on action rather than just talk. By continually learning and immediately putting newfound knowledge into practice, he ensures that his insights translate into meaningful and tangible outcomes.

One pivotal instance of Epi's foresight came just before the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Epi and his team felt an intrinsic need to explore beyond their existing offerings. They engaged their partners, asking quality questions to better understand their needs. This led them to accelerate the digitization of their products and services, positioning them to adapt and thrive during the challenging times that followed. Epi now applies the same intuitive approach to the BOLD Awards, trusting his gut and seeking to continually improve and innovate.

As a thought leader, Epi instills motivation and inspiration in his team by sharing the right information and creating a space for everyone to share their own stories of inspiration. This collective belief-building fosters a culture of empowerment and growth, allowing the team to stay ahead of the curve.

Epi's unyielding commitment to fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the organization has been a key driver of innovation and growth. By encouraging team members to share their ideas and experiences, he creates an environment where diverse perspectives thrive and innovative solutions emerge.

Epi's vision for the future of crowdsourcing is awe-inspiring. He believes the world has only just scratched the surface of what crowdsourcing can achieve. As the industry grows and evolves, Epi hopes that the BOLD Awards will play a central role in shaping this future, recognizing and celebrating the extraordinary endeavors that transform lives and society at large. Get in touch with Epi at or on LinkedIn -


Aug 2, 2023




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