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There's a unique symphony composed by Tristan Petit, Co-founder & COO of RASA, an innovative startup set to redefine the hospitality industry through community-focused premium art and music events. As a globetrotter and tech enthusiast, Petit's journey, from interviewing tech entrepreneurs worldwide to steering the operations at RASA, is a testament to his indefatigable pursuit of innovation and the desire to bring people together.

Prior to RASA, Petit honed his leadership skills at Heroes Jobs, a platform he co-founded to help Gen Z professionals tap into attractive job opportunities and expand their networks. This venture, which combined a LinkedIn-style network with the visual flair of TikTok, drew investments exceeding $9M from industry heavyweights like Speedinvest, Forerunner, and board member Greg McDoo, an ex-Sequoia and Airbnb executive.

Under Petit's strategic guidance as COO, Heroes Jobs became a thriving enterprise, aiding corporations such as Panda Express, Wendy's, Sonic, H&M, and others to maintain a steady influx of potential candidates. Through his operational expertise, the platform garnered over a million users and integrated seamlessly with existing ERP and HR systems.

But it was a move to Los Angeles that planted the seed for RASA. Petit found his social interactions and nightlife in LA lacking the spark found in San Francisco's entrepreneurial scene. Recognizing this gap, he partnered with RASA to create a platform that facilitates engaging encounters for the community.

RASA's innovation lies in its fusion of technology and hospitality. Unlike the traditional industry, RASA leverages tech's scalability to enhance growth and collaboration. This strategy has been instrumental in rallying a community of 7,000 guests across San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Miami — achieved solely through organic promotion.

The company, now closing its seed round, plans to develop its platform and expand into new cities. Petit's vision for RASA is clear: to capitalize on the evolving landscape of ticketing and event discovery platforms, paralleling the trajectory of Renaud Visage, the co-founder of Eventbright and an influential figure in the startup ecosystem.

Petit's perspective on equity crowdfunding, a concept he first encountered during an interview with Seedrs founder in London, adds an interesting facet to his leadership approach. He acknowledges the industry's growth and sees it as a solution to democratize access to capital and good deals in the startup scene.

An ideal investor, according to Petit, is someone who has walked the tightrope of building and scaling startups — someone who understands the daily struggles of startup founders. His advice to budding entrepreneurs echoes this sentiment: take the leap sooner rather than later, and be ready for your initial idea to evolve through challenges and discourse.

To connect with Petit or follow his journey, he can be reached at, or through his LinkedIn profile.


Jun 22, 2023




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