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Erica Luna Lee, Founder of
Erica Luna Lee, Founder of

In the thriving world of technology, Erica Luna Lee stands out, not just for her exceptional achievements but for her extraordinary vision of supporting women in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Today, she generously shares the moments that have marked her professional journey and the founding of

Can you walk us through your journey and how it led to the creation of

My history is deeply rooted in AI, having worked with companies like Apple, Zillow, and Upwork. These experiences weren’t just jobs; they were chapters that led me to establish It's a heartfelt response to my own adventures, aiming to give women a supportive space as they navigate the world of AI.

What motivated you to initiate this nonprofit, and how does it contribute to the industry?

It was the dream of seeing women flourish in the AI space that inspired the birth of my nonprofit. is an evolving platform that celebrates the significant impact women make in AI. It's a hub for recognition, ensuring that the hard work and innovations of women don't go unnoticed, but instead, shine brightly in the spotlight.

Could you share a notable challenge you encountered and your approach to overcoming it?

One of the most daunting challenges was dealing with workplace relationships, particularly the lack of transparency and inclusion. My approach to overcoming this is ensuring clear, open communication and making everyone feel valued and included in their roles. This approach has also helped in the cultivation of a supportive and innovative environment at

How do you encourage an atmosphere of innovation and growth at

It begins with trust, clear communication, and positivity. We make sure everyone is on the same page, understands their role, and the bigger picture of their contributions. This inclusive and clear communication strategy fosters a nurturing environment where creativity and innovation naturally bloom.

Any insights for entrepreneurs stepping into the world of startups?

Certainly! Prioritize your well-being, and align with a co-founder who shares your passion and vision. Understand that a smaller part of a substantial success is more valuable than a large part of a minimal success.

Could you let us know how others can reach out to you?

I welcome everyone to connect with me on Instagram at @lunaofla or on LinkedIn at @ericalunalee.


Sep 26, 2023




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