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Abran Maldonado, Founder of Create Labs
Abran Maldonado, Founder of Create Labs

In an era ripe for technological ingenuity, Abran Maldonado stands out as a beacon of creative entrepreneurship. As an Ambassador for OpenAI and the creator of of C.L.Ai.R.A., his fingerprint on the world of Artificial Intelligence is both distinctive and influential. Through his venture, Create Labs, he is shaping the future of AI technology with a cultural lens. Here we explore the mind of a man who's made it his mission to leverage AI for the betterment of diverse communities.

Your background as a founder of color has provided you a unique lens in the AI industry. Could you elaborate on how your personal experiences have shaped Create Labs?

Absolutely, my background has been instrumental in shaping my approach to AI. I quickly realized that what set me apart was my unique perspective on how technology can be employed to impact specific cultures and populations. This outlook is the cornerstone of Create Labs, where we are committed to leveraging AI in a way that serves diverse communities.

You've mentioned the importance of diving head-first into industry trends and innovations. How do you keep yourself and your team on the cutting edge?

For me, staying updated isn't an option; it's a necessity. I keep my pulse on everything from whitepapers to YouTube videos and TikTok trends. Rapid prototyping, design sprints, and collaboration have all been part of the learning curve. The same philosophy is instilled within the team. We always look for non-traditional use cases and customers, and this adventurous spirit keeps us ahead of the curve.

Your foresight led you to become an ambassador for OpenAI and be part of the initial private beta for GPT-3. How did that come about, and what doors did it open for you?

Being a part of OpenAI's GPT-3 beta was a turning point. At the onset, the ramifications of this involvement weren't fully clear. However, my consistent research and commitment to understanding the technology bore fruit. This association opened numerous doors and exponentially increased the credibility and visibility of both me and Create Labs.

Your approach to staying creative is fascinating. Could you delve deeper into how you inspire your team to think out-of-the-box?

The answer lies in the challenges we accept. When clients worldwide bring unique problems to us, it serves as a fresh canvas for our creativity. While others were fixated on traditional applications like copywriting tools, we've broadened our scope to solve real-world issues. That mindset keeps the team excited and engaged, constantly exploring the capabilities of AI.

Entrepreneurship is a journey rife with challenges, including market competition. How do you navigate this landscape while staying committed to your vision?

The biggest obstacle to an entrepreneur's confidence is often the sight of someone else working on a similar idea. I've learned that if your vision is robust and you believe in your product's validity, there is room for market share and even collaboration. I stand firm behind this ethos and continue to steer Create Labs accordingly.

Your knack for building strategic partnerships is intriguing. How have these collaborations impacted the trajectory of Create Labs?

Strategic partnerships are fundamental to our model at Create Labs. Our mantra is 'We all eat,' meaning any collaboration we enter into must bring mutual benefits. I am continually scouting for synergistic relationships that not only bring revenue but enrich our business spectrum. It's been a win-win for all involved.

You've mentioned that one doesn't need to be a technical wizard to thrive in the AI industry. Could you expand on that?

Certainly. AI, particularly natural language processing, doesn't demand you to be a coding genius. What's more crucial is being a creative problem solver. Engineers love their code, but creativity is the essential ingredient in developing effective AI solutions. I don't know how to code, yet here we are, making significant strides in the industry.

AI regulation is an ongoing debate. What are your views on it, and what role do you aspire to play in this narrative?

AI regulation is an inevitability, and I aim to be part of the conversations that guide it. While it's exciting to see the creative tools that are emerging, it's equally vital to ensure that data used is ethical, clean, and inclusive. I am wholeheartedly committed to championing these principles as the industry evolves.

Finally, how can interested individuals or organizations connect with you?

The best way to get in touch is through LinkedIn or a direct email to


Sep 22, 2023




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