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Words by Lorel Scott, Co-Founder of StartupStarter

Featured: DvyUp - Invest on WeFunder

Michelle Nealy is a Black woman and minority founder who is currently making waves in the world of finance with her company, DvyUp. Nealy's firm is on a mission to democratize the stock market and make investing more accessible to everyday Americans, especially those who have been left behind due to a lack of education or resources. DvyUp is currently raising funds through equity crowdfunding on the WeFunder platform, and Nealy is determined to bring her vision to life.

Nealy founded DvyUp because she saw a major problem in the current stock market landscape. A staggering 84% of all stocks owned by Americans belong to the wealthiest 10% of households, leaving the vast majority of Americans behind. This is especially true for Black and Latinx Americans, who invest in stocks at much lower levels than whites with similar incomes and education. Nealy recognized the need for a game-changing solution that could level the playing field and help close the wealth gap.

That's where DvyUp comes in. The platform allows investors to pool their money, minimizing their risks and making smart investments in a social environment. Nealy believes that DvyUp's unique approach can make investing fun and accessible for everyone, while also providing educational tools and peer-to-peer dialogue to help investors make informed decisions.

Featured: Michelle Nealy

"There is no other app on the market that makes social investing fun and easy and allows you to invest with your family and friends," Nealy said. "Not only could DvyUp play a critical role in democratizing the stock market, but more importantly, it could help close the wealth gap for communities of color."

Nealy's vision is more important now than ever before. Recent data shows that white families have around 12 times the wealth of Black families and 10 times the wealth of Latinx families. DvyUp has the potential to change that by empowering people who have traditionally been left out of the stock market and helping them build wealth over time.

DvyUp's approach to investing is both innovative and effective. By allowing investors to divvy up the costs of stock purchases, DvyUp lessens the overall risk for investors and encourages them to invest in companies they believe in. This approach has the potential to make a real difference in the lives of millions of Americans who have been left behind by the traditional stock market.

Nealy's leadership and vision have been instrumental in bringing DvyUp to where it is today. As a minority founder, she knows firsthand the challenges that come with building a successful business in an industry that has historically been dominated by white men. But Nealy is determined to succeed, and she's not alone. DvyUp's community of investors and supporters are equally committed to making a difference in the world.

DvyUp is changing the way people invest and are working to close the wealth gap that has plagued America for far too long. By providing a social platform for investing and leveraging educational tools and peer-to-peer dialogue, they are making investing more accessible and less risky for everyday Americans. As Nealy and her team continue to raise funds and build their community of supporters, they are poised to make a real difference in the lives of millions of Americans.

Find out more about Michelle Nealy by visiting her LinkedIn profile and visit Learn how you can invest in DvyUp by visiting their equity crowdfunding campaign on the WeFunder investment platform at


Feb 22, 2023




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