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In the bustling world of finance, where opportunities and investors span across the globe, Felix, a seasoned financial consultant with over 8 years of experience, embarked on a journey to solve a pressing problem. His clients, hailing from non-US/EU regions, faced hurdles in finding the right investors for their ventures. Popular databases lacked the completeness and focus on exotic regions, while other services were exorbitantly expensive.

Determined to bridge this gap and make the process of finding investors seamless and affordable, Felix and his team unveiled Private Equity List—an innovative platform designed with simplicity and user-friendliness at its core. For over three years, they meticulously built a comprehensive database housing a plethora of investment options, including private equity, venture capital, angel investors, and many more, all under one roof.

With a keen focus on regions such as the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and other emerging investment destinations, Private Equity List's search feature now boasts 6000 PE/VC funds and a staggering 23000 investor contacts. This treasure trove of opportunities empowers entrepreneurs from diverse regions to explore investment possibilities that were once hidden in the shadows.

Navigating the platform is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive design and seven types of filters that enable precise searches. Users can filter funds based on their country, industry, region focus, equality/minority support, stage of investment, investment ticket, and investor type. This thoughtful approach ensures that entrepreneurs can tailor their search to fit their unique needs and preferences.

The platform's versatility doesn't end with traditional PE/VC funding. Recognizing the importance of alternative financing options, Private Equity List presents an array of opportunities, including accelerators and incubators, venture debt, SME financing, crowdfunding/crowdlending, revenue-based financing, SBA loans, and ABL. It's a one-stop-shop for financing solutions, ensuring entrepreneurs have a diverse array of choices to fuel their dreams.

One distinctive aspect that sets Private Equity List apart is its commitment to supporting small and mid-cap funds. By providing a platform that prioritizes these funds, Felix opens doors for startups to secure funding with less competition and greater visibility. For entrepreneurs, this means a higher chance of getting noticed and securing the much-needed investment to turn their visions into reality.

Beyond this, Felix and his team understand the importance of nurturing innovation in growing market segments. Private Equity List showcases a keen interest in sectors such as AI, EdTech, blockchain, and more. This strategic focus brings potential investors closer to visionary startups, creating opportunities for groundbreaking collaborations and future success.

To access the full potential of Private Equity List's treasure trove, the platform offers two subscription models. For a nominal fee of $25 per month, users gain complete access to the database, while those seeking investor contacts can opt for the premium subscription of $79 per month. With these affordable options, entrepreneurs no longer need to break the bank to unlock the doors to prosperity.

Felix's vision for Private Equity List transcends borders and empowers entrepreneurs worldwide. His passion for democratizing access to funding opportunities resonates in every feature of the platform. As the global financial landscape evolves, Felix and his team stand at the forefront, opening pathways for innovation and prosperity.

At Private Equity List, the journey to find the perfect investment begins with a click. Felix invites you to embark on this adventure, explore the riches of possibilities, and discover a world where financial dreams become reality.

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Aug 3, 2023




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