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Regulation crowdfunding has become an increasingly popular method for startups to raise capital. This alternative fundraising approach allows businesses to connect with potential investors, pitch ideas and showcase their potential. In a conversation at the 2022 Equity Crowdfunding Week between Maria Springer, co-founder and CEO of Capital Department, and Jonny Price, vice president of Fundraising at Wefunder, several key strategies for optimizing the success of a regulation crowdfunding campaign were highlighted. These strategies include thorough preparation, tracking and showcasing relevant metrics, developing an effective marketing plan, carefully selecting lead investors and creating a well-structured launch strategy.

Thorough Preparation

The foundation of a successful crowdfunding campaign lies in thorough preparation. Founders must invest time in refining their pitch, creating an engaging video and crafting a compelling story that will resonate with potential investors. Additionally, startups should consider working with professionals who specialize in crowdfunding campaigns to maximize their chances of success.

Metrics and Progress Tracking

To gain investor confidence, it is crucial for startups to track and showcase relevant metrics throughout their crowdfunding campaign. By demonstrating growth, traction and potential, founders can attract and retain investor interest. Key performance indicators relevant to the industry should be the focus, with particular attention given to metrics such as user base growth, revenue run rate and customer acquisition cost.

Effective Marketing Plan

An effective marketing plan is essential for reaching potential investors and maintaining their interest throughout the campaign. Founders should identify their target audience and develop a communication strategy that addresses their concerns and motivates them to invest. This may include email campaigns, social media promotion and press coverage. Building a community around the campaign can significantly boost its chances of success.

Lead Investors and Terms

Selecting a lead investor is an essential component of a successful crowdfunding campaign. The lead investor should bring credibility and industry expertise to the table. Partnering with a reputable institution as a lead investor, if possible, can help establish the legitimacy of the campaign and encourage other investors to participate. Additionally, founders should work closely with their lead investors to determine favorable terms for the crowdfunding round.

Well-Structured Launch Strategy

A well-structured launch strategy is vital for the success of a crowdfunding campaign. This strategy should include private and public phases, as well as a closing period. During the private phase, startups should aim to raise a significant portion of their funding goal, which helps build momentum and credibility for the public phase. A strong public launch can create a sense of urgency and encourage potential investors to contribute.

The closing period presents an opportunity to capitalize on the momentum built throughout the campaign. By emphasizing the urgency of the closing window and showcasing the progress made, founders can motivate investors who may have been hesitant to participate earlier.

Managing Rejection

An important aspect of a crowdfunding campaign is managing rejection. Founders must develop resilience and maintain momentum, even when faced with rejection. Rather than taking it personally, founders should view rejection as an opportunity to learn and improve their approach.


Regulation crowdfunding offers startups and companies a unique opportunity to raise capital and expand their reach. By focusing on thorough preparation, tracking relevant metrics, developing an effective marketing plan, selecting a credible lead investor and implementing a well-structured launch strategy, businesses can maximize the potential of their crowdfunding campaigns and pave the way for future growth and success.


Apr 8, 2023




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