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By Galiano Tiramani, Founder of Boxabl

The housing industry is pre-industrial. The methods and equipment used are outdated. It takes too much time and money for an imperfect product. Just imagine, if houses were built like cars and there was one house coming off the assembly line every 60 seconds.

It would change the world.

Cutting-edge housing manufacturer, Boxabl, plans to do just that by setting up the largest and most advanced housing factory in the world. Boxabl’s mission is to revolutionize the standard of housing construction and affordability with an innovative, technology-based solution to mass produce homes through advanced manufacturing.

“I can’t think of a larger market to disrupt or a product with a bigger potential upside. We can change housing on a scale the world has never seen.” -Galiano Tiramani, Boxabl Founder.

Prototypes are easy, and that production is hard. But that is precisely what separates Boxabl from other startups; they set up Factory 1 in less than a year, started production, and have shipped over 150 houses to their first customer, the US Federal Government. Promises made and delivered.

Their fold out technology allows Casitas to ship at a lower cost than any competitor. Because the Casita is made to fold up to 20 feet long and 8.5 feet wide, they can be shipped without the requirement of oversized permits. This aspect alone opens the customer base dramatically due to increased affordability that other manufactured home companies have not been able to achieve.

Boxabl’s all new patent-protected technology should enable them to mass produce the lowest cost homes the world has ever seen. This includes shipping tech, building materials tech, and all new manufacturing methods. Currently, Boxabl has over 50 patent filings for our innovative building technology. Everything about Boxabl homes has been re-imagined. Boxabl has achieved LEED certification and hurricane wind ratings on all houses. The world desperately needs this innovation in the housing industry.

Boxabl is determined to solve a worldwide problem and offers a realistic and appealing solution. Boxabl has customers, investors, and employees from all walks of life who are all following and a part of the Boxabl journey. Even Elon Musk purchased one of the first prototypes and shouted out the Las Vegas-based company calling Boxabl quote a “cool product.” If the housing crisis wasn’t enough of a driving force, the options Boxabl creates has brought a myriad of interested parties.

Whether it’s a mother-in-law suite, an option for someone who can’t afford a traditional home or mortgage, or the developer that images live- work space communities, the possibilities are endless and the interest from all directs is never ending. This interest from consumers and builders alike has led to a very strategic partnership and investment from the largest home builder in the USA, D.R. Horton.

So, what’s next for Boxabl? With the demand from all over the world, 150,000 people on a waitlist to purchase a Casita, mass production will be key. Between their two factories, they will have 300,000 square feet of manufacturing space, yet it is still not enough. To date, Boxabl has raised over $150M from over 40,000 investors (over $90 million this year alone). These funds will be the spark that ignites the housing revolution. The funds will contribute to new automation that will increase the current rate of production and a mega factory of over two million square feet. With assistance from Volkswagen Group's Porsche Consulting Inc. for the design and implementation of Boxabl’s new factory, this new automation and additional space to produce will allow Boxabl to begin to build the world.


Jan 10, 2023




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