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In a world seeking faster, eco-friendly, and cost-effective solutions for housing, Gene Eidelman, Co-Founder of Azure Printed Homes, stands at the intersection of technology and sustainability. Armed with over two decades of experience as a general contractor, Gene is now pioneering a revolution in the construction industry through 3D-printing homes made from recycled materials. Let's delve into a captivating conversation that navigates his visionary journey and the milestones of Azure Printed Homes.

Gene, your journey has been incredible. You transitioned from a general contractor to the Co-founder of a company that's revolutionizing the construction industry. Can you share the story of how Azure Printed Homes came to be?

Absolutely. The decision to move from general contracting to founding Azure Printed Homes wasn't a mere leap; it was an inevitable transition. Over the years, my business partner and I recognized the unsustainable cycle of inefficiency and waste in traditional construction methods. As general contractors, we were in a unique position to see both the challenges and opportunities. But it wasn't just about finding a faster or cheaper way; we were deeply influenced by growing environmental concerns. Azure Printed Homes became our answer to these industry-wide issues—a way to combine our background, vision, and commitment to both innovation and sustainability.

I'm sure the switch wasn't easy. Were there moments of doubt or significant hurdles that you had to overcome?

Oh, absolutely. One of the most substantial challenges was securing a reliable and effective source of recycled materials. Traditional supply chains weren't built for what we were trying to do. We had to diversify our material sources and establish partnerships with multiple recycling facilities. We also invested heavily in R&D and worked with certification bodies to create new standards for recycled construction materials. The journey was tough, but it helped reinforce our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Azure Printed Homes distinguishes itself with a unique selling proposition. Can you delve into the features that set you apart from other construction methods?

Certainly. At the core of Azure Printed Homes is a commitment to three key principles—sustainability, speed, and affordability. We use recycled polymers to 3D-print homes up to 70% faster than traditional methods. The speed benefits our clients, of course, but it's also a game-changer for urgent housing shortages. On the economic front, our methods are 30% cheaper, making housing more accessible to different markets. But what I'm most proud of is the level of customization we offer. Every home can be personalized to the homeowner's specific needs and preferences, breaking away from the monotonous, cookie-cutter designs prevalent in the industry.

You've achieved some impressive milestones so far. Could you share a few, along with your vision for Azure Printed Homes?

We've had a series of milestones that really validated our approach—from filing patent applications to opening our dedicated 3D-printing facility. We've also shipped our first series of backyard studios and even successfully raised funding to triple our production capacity. Looking ahead, we plan to move to a larger facility by the end of the year and expand our team. Long-term, our aim is to reshape urban development with modular components that can be integrated into high-rise buildings. We envision Azure Printed Homes at the forefront of constructing sustainable, affordable, and customizable housing solutions on a global scale.

Equity crowdfunding played a significant role in your fundraising efforts. Can you share your thoughts on this alternative route for capital?

Yes, equity crowdfunding was a crucial strategy for us. It allowed us to tap into a broader investor base and also served as an incredible marketing platform. Most importantly, it became a validating stamp for our business model, attracting even more investment. I would say the decision to opt for crowdfunding in the future would very much depend on our growth stage and the specific capital requirements at that time.

Gene Eidelman, Co-Founder of Azure Printed Homes
Gene Eidelman, Co-Founder of Azure Printed Homes

Finally, could you offer some words of wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs, especially in terms of raising capital and navigating startup challenges?

Certainly. Always start with a clear and compelling pitch that articulates your value proposition. Surround yourself with a capable and passionate team, as investors often look at the founding team as a key factor. Embrace setbacks as learning experiences and continuously refine your business model based on feedback. Entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint. Stay committed, stay focused, and always keep an eye on your mission and vision.

To connect with Gene Eidelman, you can reach out to him at To keep up with Azure Printed Homes, follow their social media handles.


Sep 22, 2023




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