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The journey of innovation is often paved with various endeavors that shape a founder's vision. Our conversation with the founder of e-States gives us a deeper understanding of this dynamic fintech startup's mission: to democratize commercial real estate. As we dive into this engaging conversation, we discover the challenges, solutions, and aspirations behind e-States.

Your past seems varied and rich in experience. Can you share how this influenced the creation of e-States?

Starting as a teenager, I ventured into YouTube, tried my hand at writing by publishing a novel, and even released nearly 70 instrumental songs. While these creative pursuits were close to my heart, the timing wasn't perfect. Later, I dabbled in e-commerce and the stock market with friends. We tasted success. However, after facing the unpredictable nature of stocks, I yearned for a stable industry. Over dinner, my cousin, who's invested in commercial real estate for seven years, shared an idea. We discussed making commercial real estate investment more accessible. That conversation was the spark. It made me combine all my acquired skills with my ambitions, leading to the birth of our fintech startup, e-States.

The commercial real estate industry is vast. What inspired this specific direction, and how is e-States addressing existing gaps?

My co-founder, my cousin, shared with me the barriers he saw in commercial real estate. We're both drawn to its profound impact on communities. It's a robust avenue for wealth creation, as evidenced by history's wealthiest individuals. Yet, it's surprising how it's been slow in adopting technology. Challenges like high entry barriers, inefficiencies, and outdated processes deter potential investors. We felt the industry needed a revamp. e-States is our solution to make the commercial real estate industry sleek and inviting.

How does e-States stand out in terms of solutions and innovation?

We're pushing boundaries to ensure more people can enter commercial real estate. Many potential deals are unreachable for numerous investors. Our approach allows for fractionalized investments, making the process more inclusive. We've also harnessed smart technology to ensure efficiency. As the industry leans towards tokenization and AI, e-States is ahead of the curve. We're providing liquidity, automation, and consolidating tools for both developers and investors. Our platform offers insights, fostering intelligent decision-making.

Every startup faces hurdles. Can you share a notable challenge e-States encountered?

Building e-States has been a roller-coaster. Within a year, I felt like I lived a decade. We grappled with software development issues, faced sabotage, and navigated federal regulations. There were financial constraints and countless other challenges. But these hardships molded me. Facing giants in the financial industry, my journey turned into an underdog story. Yet, it reflects our reality.

How have you cultivated a company culture that promotes innovation and teamwork?

Leadership and understanding personal relationships stand at the heart of e-States. A company thrives on its community. Recognizing the goals of individuals, fostering diplomacy, and influencing positively is crucial. I believe leadership is the cornerstone. We emphasize shared responsibility, and through this, I've united diverse individuals under the vision of e-States.

Could you highlight e-States' achievements and future goals?

Even in its early stages, e-States has seen significant growth. We've received acclaim for our platform, which we launched on August 1st. Our community engagement is expanding, and we recently raised $77K in a crowdfunding campaign. The media has recognized our efforts, and we've established 16 partnerships. While we've garnered attention from investors and TV personalities, our vision remains clear: to reshape commercial real estate globally.

Matthew Schneider, Co-Founder of e-States
Matthew Schneider, Co-Founder of e-States

As an industry expert, what future trends do you anticipate?

e-States aims not just to adapt but to set the pace. We foresee the broader adoption of technology in commercial real estate. Our role will be pivotal in asset digitization, mainstreaming blockchain, and AI. We're geared towards consistent innovation, always assessing market trends and adjusting, or even influencing them.

Can you provide your insights on equity crowdfunding?

Equity crowdfunding is vital for us. It's not just a concept we're promoting; it's how we've progressed. Our recent strides were fueled by our crowdfunding campaign, where diverse groups came together to back us. It's an empowering model, turning every supporter into an ambassador.

What do you expect from your investors beyond financial contributions?

While financial support is essential, we value alignment on our vision to build something transformative. What's equally valuable is strategic partnerships in commercial real estate, mentorship, and networking opportunities. We're here to invest, and this means cultivating relationships in the industry, both locally and internationally.

Lastly, any advice for budding entrepreneurs?

Endurance is key. Every challenge is a lesson. You might not be the first or even the best, but persistence is crucial. Some of the best companies were born in challenging times. Push through, add value, and network relentlessly. Commit, learn, and make your venture a masterpiece.


Connect with the founder: Insta: @realmattschneider | Twitter: @ofMattSchneider | LinkedIn: /in/realmattschneider

Stay updated with e-States: LinkedIn: /company/e-states | Instagram: @eStatesInc | Twitter: @eStatesInc | Facebook: /estatesinc/ | YouTube: /@e-states | TikTok: @e_states


Sep 13, 2023




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