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In the heart of innovation, where life meets tech, often arises a solution to a deeply personal yet universal need. This tale is a testament to such ingenuity. Enter Elliot Justin, who embarked on a quest to revolutionize sexual health. Recognizing a gap in wearables, he established a mission: better sex and sexual health for all. Harnessing technology, his company objectively measures the vital signs of penile and clitoral health, offering insights that can genuinely transform lives. Today, we sit down with Elliot, the visionary founder behind the world's first sex tech that doesn't just deliver groundbreaking data but enhances pleasure itself.

What inspired you to take this leap into the industry?

There's a stark absence of wearables focusing on sexual health. The question arises - what's more essential? Counting steps or understanding one's sexual well-being?

Your startup is indeed unique. How do you differentiate from competitors?

We're pioneering in providing life-altering data while simultaneously amplifying pleasure. That's our edge.

Any significant challenges you faced during this journey?

Designing cock rings that were comfortable for prolonged wear, ensuring safety with easy on/off mechanisms, and elevating the pleasure experience posed challenges. But we overcame them.

Can you share about the company culture?

Innovation thrives at my residence where our team of six operates. A transparent environment ensures collaborative input on all fronts - logistics, user experience, hardware, and research.

What milestones have you reached?

We've sold 7,000 units, bagged the title of 'Most Innovative Sex Toy of the Year', embarked on six medical research projects, partnered with top distributors in the EU and USA, and pioneered the first at-home clitoral health monitor. We aspire to dominate the sextech realm, merging health and pleasure.

Where do you see the industry headed?

The future of lovemaking intertwines with technology. Individuals will harness sextech throughout their lovemaking journey, monitoring ailments and medications, aiming for improved sexual and cardiovascular health.

Ideal investor for your startup?

Those passionate about sexual health, willing to market to healthcare professionals and individuals eager to enrich their sexual experience.

Any advice for budding entrepreneurs?

Brace for needing more time and funds than anticipated. Ensure leadership prowess, strategize for overcoming hurdles, and prioritize self-sustenance. Remember, startups can be more taxing than personal relationships.

To reach out, email: Connect on LinkedIn: and follow the company on myfirmtech.


Sep 20, 2023




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