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As reported by SmartCompany, 2021-22 was the Australian Equity Crowdfunding industry's strongest year recorded. In total, accomplished investments exceeded 43,000 with 98 CSF offers, contributing to the high figure. Despite the unfriendly economic conditions which deterred small and established investors alike, the Equity Crowdfunding industry in Australia experienced substantial growth.

Reports by SmartCompany show that Australian Crowdfunding platforms such as OnMarket, Birchal, and Equitise were the top goal scorers. Alongside many other established crowdfunding platforms, they completed 98 offers, raising $86 million. The multi-million dollar industry experienced over 82% investment growth within the 2021-22 financial years.

Matt Vitale, a renowned financial services lawyer, MD, and co-founder of Birchal, a top-rated equity crowdfunding platform, says. His company, Birchal, was the most prominent sponsor behind the industry achievement. That's after they raised $3 million in April, finalizing 68 of 98 completed offers. His company raised $62.4 million of the $86 million total, which covered 73% of the industry's growth.

Since the introduction of the CSF industry in Australia in 2018, it has grown bigger and better. They have raised a total of $185m with over 240 offers. That's to say that the 2021-22 financial year accounts for the industry's 46.5% total value. Yes, earning $86 million per year out of the $185 million means the industry achieved exceptional success.

According to reports by SmartCompany, Zero. Co's 2021 Birchal campaign was the most profitable. It raised $5 million in investment within hours of the launch. Zero Co is a fast-growing eco-startup specializing in creating and delivering planet-friendly, single-use home-cleaning and personal-care products. In its recent crowdfunding endeavors, it managed to secure $11m total in new funding from different crowdfunding platforms. The first $6 million got funded through venture capital campaigns on the Square Peg. The next $2 million came from an equity crowdfunding campaign on Birchal. Investors invested in the offer five minutes after Birchal launched the campaign, making it a world record-breaking feat. The last $3 million achieved through a similar crowdfunding campaign on Birchal attained its goals within a one-hour record time.

The Startup medicinal cannabis Montu was also a contributing force behind the high level of the Australian CSF industry's success. That's after they raised $3.5 million in the Birchal crowdfunding campaign, making them among the top 10 Aussie startups that raised a total of $267 million in a week in November 2021. Montu is an innovative cannabis product manufacturer known for its cannabinoid-based products that are accessible to patients from different medical doctors. The Australian-based medicinal cannabis firm is on record for breaking two vital crowdfunding records. The firm attained $300,000 funding within 59 minutes and $1 million within 36 hours.

Q4 stands out as the pioneer in the investment crowdfunding industry in Australia. That's after they booked 26 completed offers with a total value of $28.3 million. It's known to have achieved the highest equity crowdfunding in Australia. Birchal had to chip in to achieve such figures, using its platform to raise $3 by itself. The goal was to reach out to more startups and would-be investors in Australia.

As reported by SmartCompany, the Australian equity crowdfunding industry has achieved much in the last four years. It has reached heights of success that few global CSF industries have managed to meet. But, it'll surprise you to discover the companies that enjoy crowdfunding campaigns.

Food and beverage businesses top the ladder of companies that have benefited massively from the CSF industry in Australia. With a total of 33 offers that raised $29.5 million, equaling 34% of raised funds, it's one of the best benefactors of the industry. Second on the list of businesses that have benefited from the Australian CSF industry are the beer and alcohol-related companies. They had a total of 12 successful campaigns that raised $15 million.

Brands such as Spinifex, Sobah Beverages, Black Hops, Bridge Road Brewers, and DrinkWest benefited from these campaigns. The sustainability industry was the third sector that benefited from the equity crowdfunding industry in Australia. Most investors invested in this industry because of its commitment to eco-friendliness. There were 9 CSF offers and a total of $13.2million contributed. The biggest beneficiary was Zero Co, owing to their $5 million raise. Other sustainability brands benefited include Indigo Power, Hero Packaging, Planet Protector Packaging, and Line Hydrogen.

The CSF industry in Australia has only existed for less than four years. Yet, within a few years, the industry has seen over 240 companies raise $185 million from over 110,000 investors. Going by the growth pace, the industry has followed within its few years of location operation; it's expected to break more records in the future. SmartCompany will be here to pin down another success record report come the 2022-23 financial year.

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Aug 18, 2022




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